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History of Archive

Фото архіву відсутнє

District Archive of Ivankiv was opened about in the late 20’s of the XX century. There isn’t any information about existence of Archive during the Soviet period.

Documents for the years 1929-1937 (6209 documents, 39 funds) had been kept in the State District Archive of Ivankiv before the Great Patriotic War (by June, 1941). Modern name of the             Archive – Archival Department of the State district Administration of Ivankiv.

Building of the Archive had been located in Ivankiv on Karl Marx Street. All the documents were destroyed by German occupants during the War (Act of November 10, 1941).

District of Ivankiv was occupied on 23 August 1941 and released on 11 November 1943.

Archive resumed its work in February, 1945.

During 1945-1954 documents of the institutions had been examining, front-line soldiers’ letters and other information had been collected and sent to the Regional Archive.

In 1954 Archive got a building in Ivankiv on Karl Marx street, 24. Fire team and Council of Ivankiv were located there. Receiving information from institutions of Ivankiv and Ivankiv District was started.

In 1959 Rozvazhiv District was adjoined to Ivankiv District. Part of documents from Archive of Rozvazhiv were trensfered to Archive of Ivankiv. Another part – sent to the Archive of Kiev Region.

By the year 1960 District Archive had been subordinated to Ministry of the Interior and locally – to chief of Ivankiv’s police.

From 1960 Archive was subordinated to District Executive Committee of Ivankiv and to Archival department of Kiev Regional Executive Committee.

From 1989 Archive was subordinated to State Archive of Kiev Region.

After the accident at Chernobyl in 1986 District Archive of Chernobyl was evacuated to Gornostaypol village of Chernobyl (from 1988 - Ivankiv) District, was subordinated and became a part of Ivankiv’s Archive.

In 2001 Archival department got a room in the building of Fire Service. District Archive of Chernobyl was transported to Ivankiv.

From 1993 Archive became an Archival department of Ivankiv District Council, from 1995 - Archival department of the State district Administration of Ivankiv and was subordinated controlled by Administration and State Archive of Kiev Region.

Documents which are kept in Archival department are assigned to National Archive Fund (NAF).

In 1954 Maria Markivna Velednycka became the head of Archive, in 1947 – Homenko. A. I.

From 25 April 1948 to 20 July 1949 Mykola Akimovych Doroshenko worked as a head of Archive. He served 152 institutions. The salary at that time was 450 rubles. Archive hadn’t had a building yet.

Dmytro Yevgenovych Zaychenko has been working as a head of Archive since 5 December 1949, from 1954 to 1955 – Mazurenko V. F.

In 1955 Klavdia Petrivna Osadcha [1] became a head of Archive, she worked on this post till 1995.

From 1996 - 2015 Kostiuchenko Valentyna Mykhaylivna is working as a head of Archive. In 2009 she was awarded the diploma of Kyiv Regional State Administration [2].

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